Monday, August 26, 2019

Kareeb bete hai vo unke

Sham bs sunne ko bethi hai, vo na awaz degi na teri Baat sunegi, ye tow tere hosh khone ka aagaz liye bethi hai. Humko na abhi pta hai na tab pta tha, na shyd kabhi pta chle k vo tere sath kahin khamosh lipte bethi hai. Ankho se na tu dekh paya hai na tu dekh payega, kabhi ruh k dore pe jaa tuje tera khamosh chehra bhi ek nasha nazar ayega. Tu madhosh nhi tu apne dil k aur kareeb ayega.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Shikayat nhi hai tumse

Yahi duniya ka dastur hai, kuch khote hai, kuch pate hai. Hum rote rote kyun usko bhi rulate hai.
Hum hase tow vo bhi hasega, shayad rasta asan hojaye.
Na unko shikayat na humko gila ho, in kitabon mai tow humne yahi likha hai.
Kabhi koi kisi k liye rukta nahi, yahi tow dosh hai Waqt Ka kambakht kabhi rukta nahi.
Kuch lamhe ansu dejate hai
Lekin muskurahat se zindagi mai kisse banjate hai.
Mai Pyaar nhi, hisse mai jo muje tum baat lo. Mai dastur hu kismat se jo tum bhaph lo.
Khwaab hu mai neele pani sa, jo dikhta bhi hai pighle neelam sa.

Sunday, June 9, 2019


Ankh band karke bhi andhera,
Ankh band karke bhi num hu,
Muskurana bhi nhi ata ab,
Hosh sambhalna bhi bhool gye hai.
Dil ka hona na hona,
Mere hone se muje bhulake tere hone ka ya na hona,
Maloom nhi vo rasta hai ya lamha do pal ka,
Vo dariya nhi kashti k doobne ka agaz hai,
Vo raaz nhi muje na choona mujme mera ek raaz hai,
Dil sambhala, hosh bhi ab sambhale nhi sambhalta,
Uska chalna sath ho ya na, usi ko sochu ya khudme hojau,
Zameen hai ye thodi hi milegi, mere aage Saara aasmaan hai.
Rukti hu, ruk ruk k chalti hu,
Tumne roka h ya mai khudki dil ki awaz se ruki hu,
Puchti hu tumse kab aana hai kab aana h unn raston pe jahan mujh jesa koi nhi hai,
Nasha nhi, bekhudi nhi, ye mujme samaane ki gehrayiya hai.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

International women's day

I'm Apurwa 22 years age women.

Where girls should enjoy their innocence and enjoy their youth, I'm such a tender age have a sense of being a voice for myself and women sitting around the world.

Who may not have the opportunity to define their self's that what they have. I'm so privileged and honoured to share such a good and generous thought about women empowerment with all the incredibly amazing women around.

So, in life there are moments when you stand and ask yourself, how will I achieve what I want. I'm writing this to all and I find myself going back to the beginning where I started learning, back to my roots.

I was born by two incredible parents who supported me throughout and gave me wings to fly high like a beautiful Swan high in the sky.

My brother born a few years later to me, I was the same for my parents, still I'm. May be more than him sometimes. They served both of us the same opportunity to grab the windows of wonder's. People who know me they know me as a free bird, not bounded by any restrictions. A person who can do anything beyond her limitations. People say I'm a person of my own rules, which is magical and dream for a woman.

In my life the experience I had enhanced my personality in and out. Honestly, I believe my parents taught me this.

“If it's a boy or a girl, gender doesn't matter what matters is the love we have and the way we love ourselves as there is no one above or beneath as an individual, its greater than a beam of light. I'm blessed that I'm a woman who have emotions to express, to show which could never compare to a buy.

There is a little bit of faith and a bit of free boo in me that I know being a woman the life can be balanced and you can make your life great depending upon the choice you pick. You can achieve respect in life not being a woman or a man but opting a personality and if you have the ability to touch your destiny, courage, grace and magnitude.

I'm a woman of this world!

Every day, I feel and think with a cup of coffee what if i wasn't a girl?, and that makes me think twice.

So what I think, I could be hanging or breathing in a cage of mystery that who I'm.

I know as I already have a star war in my mind not to run above or back in this world full with men brains as I want to an equal.

I know the glory of lights which gleems into my eyes from where I have started a new to be a new person.

I don't want the rights as a woman, I wish to have the rights as an equal human being.

As I started my life on my own at a very small age, where I've learnt to share and to be independent. Both of my parents are working, I feel lucky that they left me there for my little brother, not to take care of him. But to understand and to make him understand that how we can we share the equal rights or the things.

They made me understand a girl could be more intelligent while playing the puzzle. I praise my parents to make me understand who I'm as a person so that I can learn lessons and grow my own life beautifully.

In my words if I say that I'm a woman, not a wantwit.

I want to be an inviolable person from my inner soul.

I always try to waggle my sides.

I wish I could coordinate myself to support my thoughts my dignity as a woman for all.

Stages which we cross teach us true meaning of deep dark lights.

We deserve no boundaries, no restrictions.

I always want to let loose myself to fly high. Life needs so many reasons to be alive. And being a wonderful woman your personality should give justice to it. I'm filled with whiff flowers and love that I trust myself undoubtedly that I can make the change. My way is to get the acknowledgement of social, economical, political and cultural achievement of a woman across the globe.

If I talk about my mother I feel she embarrassed my brother and me such a way to support a woman, sometimes we don't know how to pay appreciation to her.

We all know that we have a rich and a diverse culture but partially bias towards women's, which is still the shame on our society and the mentality.

If I say the truth we need to change.

My father always told me that the daughters are the knot that ties the family, whirling on the tips of angel wings, like flowers in heaven. Truly makes me feel it's magical and that's how he teaches me to trust myself.

“Taking birth as a woman is a pride. As a beautiful girl in the mother's womb says with her little curls don't let her her life end and please stop female foeticide”.

Agar tum devi ko pujte ho tow kyun nahi ek aurat ko, khokle ho tum andar se, khokle samajh ko kyun darshate ho, karo garv unpe jo janmi hai aur jisne janmi hai.

Beloved women you are a river, who travels a long, such an unique and special power you have to drag the darkness to the sunshine. You have a power to create nature.

In the end, I would say let's not celebrate the woman's day let's build a gender balanced day.

I encourage the human rights as the gender balance is much more essential for our community right away.

If someone come in our way and tell us how the things run, then everything we've stood for all the years, is nothing. This is not about the rights, this is about our legacy.

What we do here today echoes through eternity.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


World needs people who are mad with the love of god.
Believe in yourself and then you will believe in god.
Do not pot your neck into the trap, you will remain free, no boundaries, no bound of flowers.
Between you and god never allow the third person to enter.
Be a man journeying towards the sun and takes photographs at each step.
Idea to the modern world knowledge and power, without holiness, makes a human devil.
The world will change if we change.
We get various ideas from out childhood and changes them now and then.
What is a goal of life?
Is this world the goal of our life?
Is enjoyment is the goal of life?
To be free, to conquer to the little enjoyment, to be free for ages.
Sacrifice! Give up! Not for zero. Not for nothing. But to get the higher.
I am a spirit the soul no instrument can pierce, no sword can cut asunder, no fire can burn, no air can dry.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Pairo pe ye dhool ki chadar,
Subh ka chamakta ye Suraj
Ankhon ki ye chamak,
Uchayiyo se uchi hai kayi kahaniya,
Mod pe beti ye raah, rasta dikha rha  ye asman,
Udne ko chahti hai ye ankhe gehrayiya hai jinme bhari,
Khilti huyi subh,
Logo se pehchan kra  rha hai lamha,
Samne dekhe  tow kohra hai,
Lekin ankhon pe dhup ka pehra hai,
Nahi subh hai
Naha rasta
Lamha bhi naya 
Baadalo k piche se chupke suraj ne dekha hai
Aaj khilte huye chehre ko muskan ki pehle kiran di hai,
Harr shakh ki uchayi naap rhi hai chidiya chehchahti,
Dekh rha hai suraj yum baar baar chupke jese chaand ki nakal krta ho,
Lekin vo kitna khubsurat hai bina dekhe use hum  bta skte
Tujme roshni zada hai teri kahani duniya ko bta skte hai,
Tum ek khubsoorat  lamha ho,
Jiski hum parchayi hai
Dhadkno ki vo mehkti subh ho jis se him dil behla rahe hai,
Chalte chalte yuhi bete rehte subh subh lamho ki gehrayiya napte...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

#Thousand stars

Cold heart & a beautiful soul,
Fairy tail with castle's
Hope & shine with thousands of stars,
The small light and the beam of it,
Brings us together.
Moments & shades to create wonders,
Memories to life,
As a present to the world,
With number of words,
Soul to be piously worshipped
Divinity to love
Morality to praise
Standard to maintain
And to follow the heart
Sky to fly & seed to grow
Steps to follow and height to grow
Miles to walk, rounds to reach
Bright as son & light as moon
Shadow to read, foot steps to follow
Play to win, matchs to watch
Heart to pound with lakh of sounds,
Wings to fly, live high.
Wind to blow mind get slow,
Lips for chanting, divinity to ravishing,
Colors to play with the spray,
Yellow to wish,
Green to rich,
Red for love,
Blue to club,
Orange to pray,
Violet to say,
White to stay,
Grey to grow
Pink to say hello,
Peach to blush,
Maroon to rush.
Light to life, live for light,
Reach the wonders, with the spirit to drive.
Clouds for feather,
Sugar Candies to taste,
Sweet or sour.
Thousand miles to go just follow the soul.